Background on Leading From Purpose: A Road Map to Conscious Leadership.


In 2008, I had a traumatic experience in a highly dysfunctional workplace and spiraled downward. My faith in humanity was burned up and I was full of despair. Struggling to get my head above water again, along with some excellent counselling, I dove into a range of teachings on success, quantum physics, law of attraction, motivation, healing modalities and more found through Hay House and films such as The Secret and What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole.

Somewhere along the way, a switch flipped and I went from negative to positive overnight. I had written a long list of blame and anger. The day I woke up grateful, I took that list and turned it into joy and gratitude. That list became the table of contents of my self-published  book, 101 Reasons to Be Yourself – notes on positive change and creative living. Settling into the ‘good job’ ironically led to the very thing that I was never encouraged to do: become a writer.


How Did I Know What to Put in the Book?


I had lived it in a cabin in the woods in the Yukon. You see, this breakdown happened after I moved back to my hometown – a much more conservative, crowded and traditional environment than the wide-open spaces and creative freedoms of the north. Without knowing it at the time, my cabin life back then was guided by my intuition and connection to source energy. In other words, I was living ‘in flow’ – the place where thoughts become things. How else do you explain going from zero singing talent & guitar-playing ability to having an album on iTunes in 5 years?

Yes, I had jobs while that was going on and there was dysfunction; however, I – like many others – could step away from it to recharge my batteries. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I just felt better when I spent a lot of time outdoors or puttering and daydreaming in my cabin. I followed impulses to try different things. I said yes to adventures that freaked me out. It was normal.

Most people don’t get this experience of being tuned in over a long period of time. For most people, tuning in happens on vacation, at a yoga class, in meditation, during sex or some other short-lived event that has a beginning and an end. Once it’s over, we’re right back in the middle of all that stuff we want a vacation from. Back to the grind, the ‘suck-it-up’ mentality, the need to make money, to succeed, to fit into a capitalistic, patriarchal structure of power and control.


A Path to The Place Where Flow Happens.


That’s what creative living is. That’s what 101 Reasons to Be Yourself is. That’s what Leading From Purpose is. The Road Map to Conscious Leadership is mentally DETACHING from external influences by recognizing them and naming them while ATTACHING to feeling good, feeling empowered, feeling confident…in ways that are for the best good of us and everyone involved.

There is a conscious flow to the book, 101 Reasons to Be Yourself. The first section is You and Yourself – a lot of fairly simple, light and fun topics around who you are, who you want to be and how you want to be seen and heard. The second section is You and the World – you in relation to others and the world around you – how do you relate with others for the best experience? The last section is The Essential You – this is where the big picture themes come into play, like love, happiness, trust, imagination and more.

Leading From Purpose takes all of this to the next level with an additional nine years of experience, observation and experimentation under my belt, presented in either an online program or, for those in the vicinity of Penticton, BC, a customized group event or workplace seminar.

You can get your own copy of 101 Reasons to Be Yourself on Amazon, or check out the podcast. Try before you buy. You can even download a PDF of each page if you like. Actually, how about following my board on Pinterest and sharing it around…that would be a big help in getting the word out.

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