101 Reasons to Be Yourself

Creativity is a much broader concept than “Art”. It is self-expression. It is an attitude. It is acting on inspired ideas. It is part of being alive!
Sometimes we forget that imagination, curiosity and joy aren’t childish things to be left behind as we grow up. Your intuition is constantly trying to show you a more fulfilling direction, if only you will heed the call.
101 Reasons to Be Yourself is full of ideas, tips & perspectives to shake things up…it’s easier than you think it is to be creative.
If you are wondering where to start, the first section is about you and yourself, the middle section is about you in relation to others and the last section is The Essential You. Some are light and fluffy (we need a sense of play and a sense of humour), some are personally challenging (reflection is a good thing) and some are deep and philosophical…something for everyone!

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