The original 101 Reasons to Be – writing 101 Reasons to Be Yourself and the earlier blog – was about creativity and positive change on an individual scale. How do you access your creativity? How do you become more you? How can you live with more love and joy?


We Need Allies


It is much easier to embrace a joyful life when we are with others who are also choosing to focus on the positive. We need allies in our quest for positive change and nowhere is this more evident that in the workplace where most of us spend a third of our days, more or less. If you’ve got a great work environment that engages you and encourages you to be your best, there is a definite ripple effect throughout the rest of your life that affects not only you, but your friends and families as well. When the workplace is not so great, for whatever reason, that ripple effect is also not so great, right?


Small Business Can Make a Difference


A couple of years ago, in a conversation with a mentor about a project I wanted to start, we got into talking about other stuff and I told him about my book and blog. “That’s what you need to do. Get into workplace productivity. You lit right up when you talked about that.” I was like, “Huh? How does this tie in with that?” I didn’t get the connection at all, having just left a workplace that was not very responsive to positive change…a workplace that I left precisely because of that. I was still too close to the negativity.

My life has changed dramatically since then and with distance comes clarity. Finally, I got the connection and began working on a program and creating content about two months ago. Talk about your “Aha!” moments – the writing came so freely and naturally that I could hardly believe it. I guess I thought that being a productivity consultant meant wearing power suits and having the charisma of Tony Robbins, but the people I want to work with don’t expect that. The people I want to work with are small business owners who want authenticity, not another over the top experience that leaves them drowning in unrealistic expectations. They are people who are kind of overwhelmed by what goes into running a great workplace and a productive business. They want to create a workplace that works and to see the positive ripple effects in their communities (and their bottom line).

My upcoming workshop series, A Workplace That Works, includes activities to help you and your workplace team communicate more authentically with greater understanding as well as a 7 step process to help you when your business needs a tune-up. If you have followed any of my previous work or have read my book, you can kind of guess where a bit of this is going.



A Workplace That Works

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