Leading From Purpose Quick Start Course


The online short course is back! We cover the basics of three components of The Road Map to Conscious Leadership: Personality, Communication and Rewards. Sign up for the 7-Day Challenge & join the Facebook group to get a taste of the whole Leading From Purpose program!



This three-part course is designed to quickly get you into an objective observer point of view so that you can stop taking things so personally and take control of your energy and communications.


  • Learn about personality types, motivators and drivers along with the positive and negative expressions of each.
  • Learn about energy manipulation in communications and how to bring it to neutral.
  • Learn to recognize when your energy is drained and how to keep your batteries charged.

Part 1 covers personality types with an approach you probably won’t find in business circles. When you understand personal motivating forces and innate personality drivers, it is easier to find common ground and mutual understanding so you can take things less personally.

The second part covers the energy behind communications. As an introvert, you know all about energy vamping and how it feels. We’ll talk about why this happens and how to get out of it…so you can take things less personally.

Part three is all about the good things in life that recharge your batteries. Feeling good helps you to – wait for it – take things less personally.

We wrap it up with how these components fit together and how to apply them in your life to be more confident, in control and less affected by what’s going on “out there”.


Heather Loewen is the author of 101 Reasons to Be Yourself – notes on positive change and creative living, Chief Instigator of MadeLocalApp Inc., metaphysical generalist and double-bottom line business systems trainer. As a ‘right-brained’ introvert in a ‘left-brained’ extrovert’s world, Heather has spent most of her life observing, studying and seeking the balance between the two for an authentic life fully lived. Heather has put her Honours Diploma in Business Administration Management to use in marketing, accounting and several entrepreneurial ventures.


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