A Workplace That Works can’t be forced.

It needs to be consciously created to inspire, motivate and engage your team.


You want to feel good.

You want your team to feel good about being at work. You want your customers to feel good about their experience. You want your business to thrive and to have a positive impact in your community. You want your leadership to make a difference, not just a profit.


You want clarity.

You want everyone in your workplace to know how they contribute, what they are doing, why they are doing it, how to do it, who is the go-to person and where to find answers.


Skyrocket your Second Bottom Line.

The second bottom line is Social, and it doesn’t mean wine and cheese parties every day. It means bringing conscious leadership to your business…bringing out the leader in every member of your team. Boost your second bottom line and watch it pay off.

This course is for you if:

  • You own a small business with up to 5 employees.
  • You are tired of being overwhelmed.
  • You are tired of power-trips and workplace drama.
  • You want to be yourself with an authentic team.
  • You are ready for change and clarity.
  • You want good vibes and productivity!

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You do not own a small business with up to 5 employees.
  • You love being overwhelmed.
  • You enjoy power-trips and workplace drama.
  • You believe that your staff are lesser mortals.
  • You love being surrounded by “yes” people.
  • What the hell are vibes? Who cares?

7 Steps Course Introduction

by Heather Loewen | The 7 Steps to Productivity

“What do I need to do to get this stellar workplace?”


To be perfectly honest, it is a major comfort zone challenge. Humility, a bit of vulnerability, letting go of whatever “I am in control” facade you’ve been wearing. At the same time, your team will be shaken up by the toppling of those “Rules To Keep A Job” they were taught to follow. Do you seriously want to be surrounded by people who say yes and do whatever you say, then bitch about you behind your back and google-search for another job when you aren’t looking?

You have been done a disservice by all the entrepreneurial rock star hype and your team has been done a disservice by being boxed in to this crazy hierarchical model we’re running on. I mean, come on! We are all human BEings, right? When do we get to do that? Be ourselves?

Yes, there are different parts of your personality that are called upon for leadership…but you don’t have to change who you are in order to do it. Nor does anyone have to change who they are in order to go to work. How about a shot of authenticity? Sound good?

This is what you will get in this D.I.Y. course:

  1. A 7-step process to clarify every area of your business with your team.
  2. A means of bringing it all together to create a road map of your business.
  3. A sampling from Leading From Purpose: A Road Map to Conscious Leadership.
  4. Team exercises for each step.
  5. Audio guidance on how to do each step.

What is involved?

  1. Two hours per week scheduled with your team for each of the eight modules.
  2. Extra time will be needed for your team to complete some of the modules during regular work hours.
  3. A series of short audio (mp3) introductions and guidance is included throughout the steps.
  4. Introductory guides and exercises are available as PDF downloads
  5. Discussion/comments within the course webpages.
  6. You need an internet connection, printer and a connected audio playback device (mp3s are hosted on the course pages).
  7. Getting real with maybe a big easel, a pad of paper and markers. You will need some kind of tactile, physical, non-technical means of making notes. Yeah, we’re doing this the old-fashioned way! Okay, if you have a whole team of techies, that’s different, but we’re trying to connect here!

The Workplace Tune Up


There is a lot packed into this course. Are you ready to go for it? Are you willing to schedule two uninterrupted hours with your team per week for eight weeks to make this happen? Are you willing to give your team the space to fulfill the outcomes for certain steps throughout the weeks? Are you ready, willing and able to do this yourself? Awesome. (You have access for the lifetime of the course.)

The course is only $97. Hit the button below to register. Remember, this is the D.I.Y. price and I don’t offer a money-back guarantee because it all depends on the way you schedule, facilitate and follow up on the content and process. I’m only there to check-in on general Q & A and feedback because, while I want to help you to get the most out of this, the online course and the price are not set up for one-on-one. If you wish to reach out for some one-on-one and help with facilitation, check out the Mastermind – your $97 will go towards registration fees.

A Workplace That Works Mastermind


Take it to the next level with like-minded entrepreneurs in a Mastermind group to implement the 7 Steps to Productivity in your workplace.

Click through to see if it’s for you.

Heather Loewen

Heather Loewen

Author & Facilitator

I have worn many hats and experienced many adventures in this game of life. Of all that I have done, nothing has been as educational, traumatic, empowering or eye-opening as working at jobs with and for other people. As a life-long student and observer of what makes us tick, as well as having empathic qualities, I know how business owners – especially small business owners – can have a major impact in creating systemic change at a grassroots level simply by taking a human approach to work.

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