A Workplace That Works can’t be forced.

It needs to be consciously created to inspire, motivate and engage your team.


You want to feel good.

You want your team to feel good about being at work. You want your customers to feel good about their experience. You want your business to thrive and to have a positive impact in your community. You want your leadership to make a difference, not just a profit.


You want clarity.

You want everyone in your workplace to know how they contribute, what they are doing, why they are doing it, how to do it, who is the go-to person and where to find answers.


Skyrocket your Second Bottom Line.

The second bottom line is Social, and it doesn’t mean wine and cheese parties every day. It means bringing conscious leadership to your business…bringing out the leader in every member of your team. Boost your second bottom line and watch it pay off.


You don’t have to do this alone!

This Mastermind is for you if:

  • You own a small business with up to 5 employees.
  • You are in your first 5 years of business.
  • You want your business and your team to thrive.
  • You want to do business management differently.
  • You are ready for change and clarity.
  • You want good vibes and productivity!

This Mastermind is NOT for you if:

  • You do not fit the ‘for you’ criteria.
  • You are not willing to collaborate and learn.
  • You enjoy chaos.
  • You believe that your business is all about you.
  • You love being surrounded by “yes” people.
  • What the hell are vibes? Who cares?

None of us is as smart as all of us.

Ken Blanchard

Why a Mastermind?


While you are definitely not alone as a small business owner, it often feels that way. The thought of tuning up your workplace is kind of overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Where do you start? How will your employees handle it?

The 7 Steps to Productivity is packed with content to create a positive, proactive and productive Workplace That Works. It is a big undertaking and you most likely could use some moral support, right? Going through it with others who are on the same page, holding to a schedule, and being able to share your experiences goes a long way towards your successful outcome.

Workplace Tune Up:

The 7 Steps to Productivity


There is a lot packed into this course. Are you ready to go for it? Are you willing to schedule two uninterrupted hours with your team per week for eight weeks to make this happen? Are you willing to give yourself and your team the space to fulfill the outcomes for certain steps throughout the weeks? Are you willing to commit to your Mastermind for two months? Are you ready, willing and able to do this along with your Mastermind of like-minded entrepreneurs? Awesome.

The Mastermind start on a Monday, with two hours booked to go over the coursework every Tuesday at 10 am (Pacific Daylight Time) and two hours for Q & A every Thursday at 10 am. You will be able to complete some areas within a day or a week, while others will, by necessity, be implemented over a longer period of time. Being a part of this Mastermind, you have a place to check in and work through the follow-up.

Included in the Mastermind:


  1. Lifetime access to The 7 Steps to Productivity course materials.
  2. In depth coverage of a different module every week.
  3. Mastermind discussion, input and Q & A.
  4. Ask Me Anything sessions.
  5. 1 hour of 1-on-1 per week.
  6. Group video or voice calls.
  7. Extra resources not available in the online course.
  8. A certificate to acknowledge the work you have done and to remind you that you have support and resources to assist you in the future.

How Does it Work?

  1. This is a two-month commitment, with monthly membership available after that.
  2. Our Mastermind is held within a separate program, which can be accessed on desktop or an app.
  3. Upon registration here, you are sent an invitation to join the mastermind and given access to the group.
  4. As part of your one-on-one time, you can invite your employees as guests to work through issues that may come up.
  5. All discussion/comments are within the program, with materials for your team hosted on this website.
  6. All module training is scheduled so you can plan ahead.
  7. You need an internet connection, printer and a connected audio playback device (mp3s are hosted on the course pages).
  8. Working through the course with your team requires 1-3 hours per week, so please ensure that this is a good time of year for you. If you miss this intake, by all means, get on the email list to be notified of future programs.


Don’t worry about the technology involved. We’ll keep it simple so you don’t have to learn everything about it, mostly messaging, file access and calls. If you regularly use any social media platforms, you’ll be fine.

This short video tells you about the content provided in the Mastermind.


Registration for September 17 session.

This Mastermind is limited to 10 participants, with a minimum of 4 to run the program. To indicate your interest in joining, please sign up  below for the mailing list or state your commitment by registering today.



The 7 Steps to Productivity

Do-it-yourselfer? The 7 Steps to Productivity online course comes with audio guides and worksheets to help you and your team tune up your workplace. Includes lifetime access to course materials and $97 off Mastermind membership in the future.



Heather Loewen

Heather Loewen

Author & Facilitator

I have worn many hats and experienced many adventures in this game of life. Of all that I have done, nothing has been as educational, traumatic, empowering or eye-opening as working at jobs with and for other people. As a life-long student and observer of what makes us tick, as well as having empathic qualities, I know how business owners – especially small business owners – can have a major impact in creating systemic change at a grassroots level simply by taking a human approach to work.

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