101 Reasons to Be

The Book

Read the short version of how 101 Reasons to Be Yourself came to be.

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Get your copy of this Amazon best-seller to read my chapter:

The Strength in Vulnerability, about the power of love, hope and the twin flame journey.

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Intuitive Readings

I currently do readings…tarot and destiny cards. I have been doing tarot since 1997, with my own style derived from a multitude of decks, focused on helping you identify things that are holding you back from living your best life.

Destiny cards are a whole other system, with numerological and astrological roots from the wisdom of Atlantis, carried through the ages by the Order of the Magi.

This system immediately clicked with me when a neighbour loaned me a Destiny Card book in 2008. I have been using it ever since, researching the origins and perspectives from several other authors.

These readings can be yearly (birthday to birthday) to discover the energies present and possibilities throughout the year; on relationships, to understand your dynamic and the energies between you; or a rebirth reading, which is an extensive look at the mid-life crisis and how to recharge the energies you were born with.

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