Healthy boundaries, self-worth and personal accountability.


To me, Leading From Purpose means living from my strengths, my innate personality traits, my sense of purpose, an open channel to my inner guidance system and a constant flow of universal energy.


Have you seen the film series, “The Matrix”? This program is a version of taking the Red Pill. Using a combination of metaphysical and logical methodologies, learn how to take the role of an objective observer so that you can stop taking things personally and live with more clarity, more personal power and more freedom.


This course is for you if you experience:

  • Feeling out of control of your life.
  • Feeling drained by the people and situations in your life.
  • Feeling unclear – pulled in too many directions.
  • Desiring self-expression and struggling with blocks and resistance.
  • A tendency to retreat from outer stimulation and miss out on opportunities.


The full Leading From Purpose course is an eight-week group coaching program with seven standalone modules that fit together to form your Road Map to Conscious Leadership. Our common ingredient across the modules is energy – how to tap into it, how to read it, how to make the most of it, how to manage it and how to keep it flowing. Our key questions are:


  • Who am I?
  • Who am I in relation to this?
  • What can I do for the best good of me and of everyone involved?


Most self-help or personal development programs are, by definition, centered on the self, often resulting in further separation as we each focus on our own individual ‘vortex’ and how we can bring others into it, or how to draw firm lines to stop getting sucked in. Leading From Purpose contains the intention of interdependence, where we become fully cognizant of our own desires and needs in relation to the desires and needs of others. Where are the vortex connections? How can we work together rather than struggle for power and control? Do you see what I mean?


What You Will Find in This Course:


Module 1: Personality: What Drives You?


  • Learn about different personality types, motivators and drivers using the Destiny Card system.
  • Feel more empowered about your own skills, talents, abilities and innate traits.
  • Use the positive and negative expressions to help you become more self-aware.
  • Learn how to use these insights to improve your family, workplace, business or social interactions.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Bonus: Get a detailed description of your destiny cards plus general descriptions of all of them.


Module 2: Purpose: Why Am I Doing This?


  • Detach from the overwhelm and busyness to get a handle on what you are doing and why.
  • Get an objective point of view on where you are spending your energy.
  • Refine your own purpose and focus on what you want.
  • Use this as a tool of self-discovery to make stronger decisions.

Module 3: Roles: Who Am I In Relation To This?


  • Be the objective observer in your own life and the different roles you play.
  • Get clear on what is most important to you in leading life more fully and purposefully.
  • See how your personality layers fit in and how to make the best of them.

Module 4: Expectations: Am I Being Realistic?


  • Learn to discern the origin of your expectations.
  • Clean up expectations that are not for you.
  • Embrace the ones that make you feel empowered.
  • Develop compassion and understanding for yourself and others.

Module 5: Communication: How Do I Come Across?


  • Delve into the energy behind communications…see beyond the words and body language.
  • Investigate control dramas and gain broader understanding of how they work.
  • Learn how to discern what energetic mechanisms are at play and how to navigate them.
  • Learn how to communicate from a neutral place for a more conscious conversation.

Module 6: Design: Is My Life Designed For Living or For Chaos?


  • Further refine your life design on a smaller scale.
  • Clarify areas that scream of drama.
  • Clarify areas that scream of rigidity.
  • Learn how to design your life to make it easier to go with your flow.

Module 7: Rewards: What’s In It For Me?


  • Learn the value of selfishness.
  • Let yourself feel good.
  • Allow more light and laughter into your life.
  • Learn how to flip the switch from negative to positive.

Module 8: Your Road Map to Conscious Leadership


  • What do you want to take with you on the next leg of your life journey?
  • What will be left behind?
  • What will you drop off at the next exit?
  • This week is for both grieving and celebration as you allow yourself to let go and to look forward to your clear destination.


Did I mention the other bonuses?


Each participant will be able to schedule two intuitive coaching sessions with me to take place during the course at times when you feel stuck. These sessions are each one hour long. My current rate is pretty low – only $100/hour – so the value of this bonus is $200. I use a mix of destiny cards, tarot and oracle cards, along with my sixth sense and relevant questions to help you discover the answers that your higher self, or intuition is trying to tell you.

You will also be able to request two relationship readings using the destiny card system, also to take place during the course. These readings are $75 each and take place behind the scenes, so our time in discussion will only be 1/2 hour each time. The value of this bonus is $150. You know when you just can’t figure out why you feel so strongly about someone, or why it all seems so easy/difficult? These readings get into past life and karma connections. They are pretty cool.


There you go! An extra $350 value!




Want to know a bit more about Leading From Purpose? Watch this video.

Maybe a starter course works best for you right now. A 3-hour version of Leading From Purpose is available with condensed versions of modules 1, 5 &7: Personality, Communication and Rewards. It was originally designed as a workplace workshop to clear up the ‘drama’ and create a more mindful atmosphere, and it will work for you if that is what you are looking for.

This is a self-led course with the discussion happening in a closed Facebook group.

Would you prefer a bit of a test drive? Take the 7-Day Challenge.

Enough, already! Just sign me up for the 8-week program!

Heather Loewen

Heather Loewen

Author & Facilitator

Heather Loewen is the author of 101 Reasons to Be Yourself – notes on positive change and creative living, Chief Instigator of MadeLocalApp Inc., metaphysical generalist and double-bottom line business systems trainer. As a ‘right-brained’ introvert in a ‘left-brained’ extrovert’s world, Heather has spent most of her life observing, studying and seeking the balance between the two for an authentic life fully lived. Heather has put her Honours Diploma in Business Administration Management to use in marketing, accounting and several entrepreneurial ventures.

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