This may be for you if any of these apply:


  • You feel overwhelmed by constant demands and negativity.
  • You suffer from anxiety.
  • You want to stop worrying so much.
  • You want to be the boss of your own energy.
  • You are drained from other people's problems and agendas.
  • You want to empower and to be empowered.

What it's about:


  • Stepping back and looking at the big picture...conscious observation.
  • Developing discernment.
  • Identifying your relationship to what you do and to the situations in your life.
  • Recognizing and neutralizing reactivity.
  • Learning to keep your batteries charged & recognizing when others need to do the same.
  • Creating clarity from overwhelm.
  • Empowering yourself to lead from your own purpose and self-control.
Heather Loewen

Heather Loewen

Author & Facilitator

I have worn many hats and experienced many adventures in this game of life. Of all that I have done, nothing has been as educational, traumatic, empowering or eye-opening as working at jobs with and for other people. As a life-long student and observer of what makes us tick, as well as having empathic qualities, I know how business owners – especially small business owners – can have a major impact in creating systemic change at a grassroots level simply by taking a human approach to work.

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