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You know how we all seem to think that the world would be a better place – certainly easier – if everyone was more like us? Sure, it would be easier in some ways, but we wouldn’t last very long as a species. Think about it. If everyone was just like you, what would that world look like? Is there music? Gardens? Computers? Airplanes? Houses? Children? Plumbing? Electricity? Are you personally capable of creating a world that you want to live and reproduce in until the end of time?

It can be very frustrating to communicate with people who are coming from a completely different point of view, especially when you need to work together, collaborate or come to some sort of middle ground. What if you – and they – could see the big picture about how your differences are complementary and that maybe, you could minimize that frustration and uncover core motivators that take your work to a whole new level?

I would be quite surprised if you haven’t explored some sort of personality testing. It could be Myers-Briggs, Right-Left Brain, Astrology or something else…there is quite a wide range of self-exploration tools out there. The thing is that we generally use these tools to label ourselves or others to add to our concepts of who we are, but rarely do we use them to understand one another and frame our conversations with them in mind.


What Drives You?


At work, or in any group setting, we know very well who the introverts and extroverts are…and some of us use this knowledge to drive one another crazy. I’ve got a theory about this that I’ll cover in a later post on communication. For now, what if we took it further, forgot about the intro & extro labels and thought about what actually motivates people? Of course, money is usually the prime motivator for having a job or running a business, and the ‘higher purpose’ is generally the motivator for a non-profit, and the ‘public good’ is the reason for government agencies.

So why is it so difficult to make things happen the way we want them to? Why are people disgruntled, averse to taking on certain tasks or reluctant to jump on board with every idea? Why don’t we all just act the way you want?

We have different core motivations. Some people are motivated by money and material possessions. Some people are motivated by using their minds and seeing everything fall in to logical sequence. Some people are motivated by personal connection. Some people are motivated by a sense of accomplishment or creative expression…the list goes on.

If you want people to fit into the box you’ve made for them, you are missing out on a world of opportunity to tap into an interdependent mastermind network that can make any group situation flourish.

Would you like to explore this further? Take the 7-Day Challenge to Create Healthy Boundaries & Lead With Confidence. Day 1 is all about Personality: What Drives You?


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