It’s your business, right? You own it. Of course it’s personal…but, is it really?


A Separate Entity

Starting a business is not unlike creating a work of art, writing a book or recording an album. Another analogy is having children. Whether you have a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation, once you create it, it is something outside of yourself. When you hire people, they are there to serve that separate entity, unless you have the luxury of hiring a personal assistant.


Is Money the Purpose?

People get jobs because they want to make money. Well, that’s the case for the majority of people, anyway. You most likely started your business to make a livelihood, to earn an income. The exchange of goods or services for money is a definition for a business, the result of what the business does, so placing the focus on money as a purpose is kind of redundant.

When the primary purpose is money, you end up with ‘warm bodies’ instead of engaged employees. This is old school thinking.


What is at the Core of Your Business?

This is where a tight niche statement comes in handy. Can you describe your business in a tweet (140 characters)? Why do customers come to you? What problem do you solve for them? Who are your ideal clients?

Here’s an example: “I deliver workshops to small business owners who want the tools and framework to create and maintain a productive and positive workplace.”

Clients understand what the purpose of my business is and when I hire employees, they know what purpose they are supporting. The purpose of my business is something that I am personally motivated to carry out, but I lose perspective when I take it personally. We all lose focus on what ‘we’ work on together. It becomes ‘me and ‘them’.

I want the people in my workplace to focus on and work for the best good of the purpose, not on me.


Clear Purpose = Drama Reduction

Providing a clear purpose for you and your team to focus on takes a huge load off of workplace drama. We’ve been programmed since birth to fit into the hierarchical system and can’t help but be triggered by conscious or unconscious means of control. You, as the business owner, the patriarch (regardless of gender), the alpha in the workplace, need to focus on the purpose just as much as everyone else, if not more.

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