Heather Loewen

The whole point is to help you remember who you are, what your purpose/gift is, and how to make the most of what is going on now to get where you want to go.

My readings are based on a practical mystic approach, that is, I don’t give you a bunch of woo-woo or tell you someone is going to die, or anything like that.

What are you looking for in a reading? Guidance on your current situation? How to make the most of your year? How do deal with the mid-life stuff? The dynamics of a relationship?

Tarot: 30 minutes live

The best choice for a current situation/general intuitive reading. We book a time and do this one live on Messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom. I charge a pretty standard rate of $40 USD (PayPal).

Destiny Card Yearly Reading

This is a different kind of reading, based on your birthdate. You would send your birthdate by email or WhatsApp and prepayment via PayPal, I do the reading and send you the pdf.

This gives you the overall energies of your year, the overall challenge and result of meeting the challenge, then planetary energies of each 52 day period throughout the year. This is the most popular reading, for $75 USD, including follow up on up to 5 written questions. Expect 1-3 days to get your reading.

Destiny Card Relationship Reading

This one takes a bit more time, also delivered by pdf. You would send the birthdates of you and the person involved along with pre-payment. I do the reading and send it to you within 1-3 days.

It will tell you up to 5 planetary/cosmic/karmic connections that you share, along with compatibility, intensity and attraction levels. This reading is $100 USD, including a written follow up on up to 5 questions.

Rebirth Reading: Making Sense of the Mid-Life Madness

Super intense. This is a 10-12 page pdf, with readings on your mid-life energies, which are the ones you were born with, along with a summary of your North Node – the things to embrace and leave behind.

Since it is quite elaborate, expect a 5-day turnaround. I will need your birthdate and a pre-payment of $200 USD. It’s worth it – the one I did for myself completely shifted my outlook and is the reason why I am now living the dream at the beach instead of slowly dying in a career that was not right for me.

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