I offer a variety of readings for various purposes. Please see the descriptions prior to ordering one.


Tarot readings are ideal for getting clarity on an issue or identifying blockages to moving forward. I don’t prophesize in my readings. They are intended to assist you on your soul or twin flame journey. This can be either for personal or business purposes.

  1. Send your request via the contact form below.
  2. I will reply with a request for payment and estimated delivery date once payment is received. Currently expect a 1-2 day turnaround.
  3. I will record your reading and send an unlisted YouTube link to your video.

Additional time/consultation is $160 per hour, charged in 10-minute increments. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

4-Card Reading $26.66 CAD

Send a request with a specific issue that you are dealing with or wanting intuitive advice on…no more than 2 sentences. This reading will be delivered as a 10-minute-ish video on YouTube. Example:

Celtic Cross Reading $53.32 CAD

An in-depth reading for an overview of an issue, the blockage or challenge, current energy, past, present and future energies through to the outcome. Send a request with no more than two sentences on your current inquiry. This reading will be delivered as a 20-ish minute video on YouTube. Example:

Destiny Card Reading $160

Unlike Tarot, this reading is delivered as a PDF of the reading and an explanation. I require your birthdate and birthdates of those close to you if you wish to provide them. This is a reading from one birthday to the next, so it is best done around your birthday. This reading shows the energies your soul has chosen to work with for this year of your life. See the example. Includes a 20-30 minute video. Example:

Destiny Card Relationship Reading $200

This one is about the energetic dynamics between you and another. Both birthdays are required. You will receive a PDF that includes the reading and explanation. This can be for any relationship, personal or business. Includes a 20-30 minute video.

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