“It’s a good job.”


This seems to be the standard response when it comes to well-paid union jobs with pensions and benefits, no matter how you frame a question about working in one.

Q: How is it going at Union Job?

A: It’s a good job.

Q: Do you like working at Union Job?

A: It’s a good job.

Q: Do you like what you do?

A: It’s a good job.

Q: How about your co-workers?

A: It’s a good job.


“It’s a great place to work!”


The union wages, benefits and pensions are great, and provide much needed financial security to workers  – no doubt about that – so yes, these things do contribute to a Workplace That Works. But do they make it a great place to work?

As a small business owner, you have a great deal of flexibility that unionized workplaces do not have. Rewards for your team can be just about anything, and can involve trading goods or services with other small businesses as well. Paying at least a living wage goes a long way, as does anything that saves your team members money on things they want and need.

Aside from the financials, there are so many options for rewarding your team and making them feel appreciated and valued. Why not find out what that is and see what you can realistically do about it?


If you would like to start a conversation with your team on what is rewarding to you and to them, stay tuned for the launch of the workshop series:  A Workplace That Works.

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