The Sweet Spot

Believe it or not, there is a sweet spot in between Heart-Centered and Ego-Centered that can change the way we do business, relationships and life in general. I’m not going to lie – this involves letting go of something and most people resist that kind of thing. The willingness to let go is crucial to Leading From Purpose. Letting go of a need to be needed, letting go of a need to control, letting go of a need to be defensive or offensive, letting go of a need to fit an image…letting go of the stories that tell us who we should be and what is the right way or the only way. If you want to live and lead from that sweet spot, I am here to ease your transition.

Who Will Get the Most Out of This

The people I work with are primarily introverts, highly sensitive people, empaths and creatives in a leadership role…those who think deeply, who feel deeply and who are not built for a hard-assed, hard-edged, solidly logical and profit-driven environment, but who value logic and profit as structurally integral parts of the deal.

I get you. I am one of you. You know that your intuition will not lead you astray, but all the outer noise makes it difficult to hear. It is a hell of a lot of work to be true to yourself with so much conflicting information coming at you. You feel like you will explode with all the ideas bursting to get out. You are tired of having to leave your personality at the door just to get through the day. You are constantly drained from dealing with the negativity and judgement in your environment and maybe you have absorbed it, accepting it as your own.

What This is About

The space between yin and yang. Positive and negative. Light and dark. Action and receptivity. Logic and creativity. Ego and Id. It’s a zen thing. That sweet spot is your connection to source energy and clarity to discern the next right action for you, your team or your business right here in the practical reality.

I am guessing that you have done some spiritual study, practiced some mindfulness teachings or have learned techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Perhaps you are into intuitive guidance and esoteric pursuits. Whatever the case may be, applying it to the brick and mortar world on a daily basis can be challenging, to say the least. This is why I am so interested in working with small business owners who struggle with balance on a daily basis. Your leadership and productivity depends upon your sense of balance at any given moment. Naturally, you want a workplace that enhances that sense of balance for the best good of you, your team and everyone who walks in that door.

Living and leading from that balanced place allows you, and those around you, to flip the switch from reaction to creation…mindfulness in action.

P.S. You may have guessed by now that I am not your average productivity ‘coach’. While I have a very practical, step-by-step workplace productivity program for small business owners to create structure and systems that work for everyone, the real answer to solving productivity issues lies in bringing our humanity back to business.


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