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The Short Version of How the Book Came to Be…

It would take another book to describe the life experience behind this one and believe me, I have made the attempt. The problem is that I am a terrible historian and all of the 40 lifetimes I’ve lived in this life get jumbled together into a confusing, yet beautiful tapestry.

This book is a summation of life lessons and observations up to 2008, at the tender age of 38. Hmmmm…38=11, which is a master builder number in numerology. I hadn’t considered that before. It must mean something important about what is in this book, so it must be worth checking out.

The short version is this. I was on stress leave from a totally dysfunctional workplace environment where one of my co-workers threatened to set her entire, large family on me, which I took as a death threat. She was playing the system to the detriment of the rest of us and I blew the whistle, only to be left out in the cold. At the same time, my mother was driving me crazy with all the drama that defined our relationship forever. I wrote a long list of all the things I was angry about.

The next day, I took Sherpa the Wonderdog for a walk to the lake (you’ll hear more about her – she’s a big part of the magical journey), went home, looked at the list, and flipped it to positives related to my journey to creativity. The table of contents for 101 Reasons to Be Yourself was born!

I hope you enjoy it. You can get a hardcopy or kindle version on Amazon.

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