Workplace Assessment

Welcome! These questions are designed to identify areas of your workplace that could use a tune up.

1) How would you rate your workplace atmosphere?
2) How would you rate your staff turnover?
3) How confidant are you that everyone in your workplace is clear on their responsibilities?
4) On average, how much time do you spend in your business working on the big picture? (Planning, refining systems, delegating...not the day-to-day work of your business.)
5) How often do you schedule uninterrupted sessions with your team to find out what works and what does not work within your workplace?
6) Do you have systems in place with easy-to-find reference material or cheat sheets?
7) How does your team get along?
8) How many people do you employ?

Taking this assessment is a proactive step in identifying the issues within your workplace. You are on the right track!

Your results will be sent to the email address provided.

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